Dude, you just crossed the line

sorry i just have to let this off my chest

To somebody:

It is sooo annoying and stupid of you to text me using a different number and claim that you’re a different person just to get information out of me. First you effing “disguised” yourself as your friend, who I bet doesn’t even exist. Then you tried texting me on your phone “claiming” that you are your four year old nephew. Even a bright four year old doesn’t text that way. You could’ve spelled some of the words incorrectly or replied slower for a more believable act. Then a while ago you texted me telling me you heard somebody mention my full name in this resto just to start a texting conversation. That’s bullshit. Then what the hell are you thinking when you send me one-word-useless-hey-i-need-attention-texts? You even text me a sad smiley face without any words in it! You expect me to text you “why are you sad”? Oh common give me a break! But the stupidest thing you’ve done so far is communicate with one of my friends behind my back, getting info from her and telling her to keep things between the two of you. Errr. Do you expect her to be loyal to you and not to me? Geez. She’s sending me all of your texts to her. That is so geeky.

You say you can’t approach me at school because my friends are there. So what? Don’t you know them? You’re being a nerd. My friends already labeled you as a nerd. Actually, we started calling you nerd just recently. That’s so bad huh? I guess we are the mean girls now. You can talk to me there if you want to and not just text me nonstop. Can’t you talk to me in person? My friends being with me all the time is not a problem. I’m sure you’ve seen us talking with other guys in our hang out place. Why not sit there and start an effing conversation? You always insist on visiting me here at home when you can’t even strike a decent casual conversation with me at school, what more at my house? With just the two of us? Damnit I bet you won’t talk!

SO, if you wanna talk to me talk to me. If you wanna be friends then so be it but please stop being annoying. I know you’re nice and all but this is crazy.

  1. Abaniko said:

    >”nerd” has still a slight compliment in it. what about calling him “wimp”? 🙂

  2. she said:

    >hmmm.. you have a point!! because nerds are supposed to be “smart” eh? lol

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