My saturday night sucked so bad

Is it because of lack of a place to go to? That’s impossible. You never ran out of a place to invade on a Saturday night. Is it because I didn’t have money? Yeah yeah I’m broke and all but I’ve got sponsors haha. Is it because my mom and dad didn’t allow me to go out? Sheesh, that wouldn’t even be an issue. You haven’t seen my dad tremble yet once I say “I’m going out, any objections”? (The last statement is of course an exaggeration! LOL)

The answer is because I was effing lazy to put my clothes and make up on.

I turned down 3 sets of friends who asked me to go out tonight (ok it’s already sunday morning) because I was lazy. Now I regret I didn’t go out with any one of them because I had such a boooring night. We did go to sisig fest last night though but I couldn’t consider that a consolation because it sucked too.

I was debating with myself nonstop tonight on whom I will go with. Then once I decided who I wanted to go with, I was again on a debate on whether I would still have them pick me up or I just stay at home and watch tv. I chose the latter which is apparently a bad move. A few hours later I was itching to go out. But I didn’t want to prepare because it is a tedious process so I was stucked at home eating chocolate wafers.

I texted this to dian, “3 sets of friends ko kayo na nagyaya sakin tonight and kahit isa wala ko sinamahan dahil lang sa katamaran and gulo gulong isip ko.”

“sa kaartehan mo sabihin mo!” she replied

“oo nga pwede rin! hehe”

“tamad ako mag prepare eh, gusto ko kasi nakabihis nako make up and all tapos sunduin na lang nila ko.

*sigh* I should stop being fickle and lazy and slow…


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