What do you think?

I was supposed to blog about this one but I just kept on forgetting to tell you all about this. I was testing out blogger search and typed in my name and found this funny blog entry. Read it. I thought it was funny. The girl thought we looked alike. I’ve had so many people tell me I look like somebody they know so this is not new to me. I need your opinions, do we really look alike? You can find her pics here!

  1. cherry said:

    >ahahaha. no i dont think u guys look alike. people tell me i look like lea salonga but i tell them, no, she looks like me!

  2. Abaniko said:

    >there’s a resemblance somehow and both of you have pretty faces. “you look like someone else” reminds me of an overused pick up line which to this date, though unimaginative, is still very effective. hehe.

  3. she said:

    >cherry: i don’t think you look like lea salonga espcially now that she’s pregnant!! haha.. i’ve been told i look like some celebrities which i won’t even dare say kasi nakakhiya because i don’t look like them at all!!!!abaniko: so you use that pick up line eh? lol..

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