Choices are good! But they can get confusing too.

This morning I found out that my former webhost is back under new ownership and they are again giving back our old hosting. I’m now torn on whether to stay with blogger or just get my old space back. Let’s see, I’ll try to assess the pros and cons of each choice:

More reliable, secure, and most of all, I’d have the assurance that it will keep me hosted and won’t just magically diasappear or dump my hosting just because they want to, taking away with them all me precious blog entries. Because blogger is under google right? And google is making tons of money right? So the chances of blogger getting bankrupt and not being able to host people for free is just a paranoia right? So I guess they are pretty stable. Although I don’t like the idea of my photos being hosted in another webspace so that kinda turns me off. I only have merely 5 entries in this blog so leaving it won’t be that difficult. But it is stable. It is stable!!!

Former Webhost
I can have my old blog entries back! People already know me by that url so I won’t go through the hassle of telling them my new url anymore. I can host my own images. But but but. Staying with them means I have to stay active in their forums which I’m not sure if I can even afford to do nowadays considering I am becoming a busy lady. And besides, what if they get hacked again? I’ll lose my mind.

So, what to do? what to do?

  1. cherry said:

    >its funny coz’ i’m starting to like blogspot too. maybe i’ll just make my website a storage space. i dont know either. one thing i know though, if u want to go back to ur old host, i suggest u back up ur entries. save them somewhere… they dont take too much space anyways.

  2. Abaniko said:

    >the choice is clear. learn your lessons well. hehe. but whatever it is you want she, i’m glad you’re finally back…with a smile.

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