A very random post

Turns out that my old files in my former host were deleted so that means I’m sticking with blogger. I got over my lost blog entries anyway, I just thought it would be nice if I could get them back but since I can’t then it’s fine.

I visited the library for the first time this sem last week and I saw a lot of books I wanted to take home. So many books, sooooo little time. Reading will have to wait. *sigh*, can’t wait!

I’m currently almost living on the generosity of other people. The word “libre?” has become an essential in my vocabulary. I blurt it out almost everyday. Thank you kind people and kind friends for always treating me. hehe.

I have a bad case of colds and it’s gross and it’s annoying. I’m also becoming addicted to mefenamic acid because it makes my pain go away just as that! These past few days I’ve been suffering from headache and when the pain becomes unbearable I pop some mefenamic acid and poof! no more pain. I know it’s bad though.

Hmm.. I wonder what revisions ould be done with our thesis. I know there’ll be a lot of major revisions. *sigh*, it’ll break my heart if something major is wrong because I did most of the job. Geez.

I looove unlimited texting. It makes lazy people like me lazier.

me (inside the room watching tv): mami, sabihin mo kay nilo kunin nya yun vicks, thanks

(a few seconds later my brother hands me the vicks)

  1. >hi she!Ü at least you know that there are still a lot of good souls, generous people. hehe. right. take care sweetie, happy friday!always,rüss

  2. Abaniko said:

    >Take vit. C and drink plenty of water. Plus get enough rest. These will cure your colds in no time. Get well soon.

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